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Video of Thai Paratrooper’s Accidental Death

Here is a Video of Thai Paratrooper’s Accidental Death

Above video shows, the fatal incident occurred to a Thai paratrooper whose chute gets caught on the plane while another military safely jump.

In the video, you can see paratroopers jump off the plane in sequence as part of a training exercise.

One of them gets his parachute caught on the plane, leaving him hanging in midair as the plane continues soaring through the air.

The doomed soldier remains hooked to the plane for about 3 minutes before straps fail and he falls into the ground without managing to open a reserve chute.

His chute rips free of the plane. However, the parachute is damaged at this point, and the paratrooper plummets to his apparent death as the camera continues rolling.

Beware, the following video is quite disturbing, at least from minute 03:50.

The plane can be seen turning (most probably returning to the home base) at a lower speed, but it does not seem to climb to give the soldier enough clearance to open the emergency parachute (if any).


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