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C-17 accidentally drops Humvee Over North Carolina Neighborhood

C-17 accidentally drops Humvee Over North Carolina Neighborhood. The incident occurred during a test conducted by soldiers from the Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate. No one was injured.


Marvin Krause from JBC says it happened at 1 p.m. when a C-17 Globemaster III assigned to the 437th Airlift Wing inadvertently dropped a military vehicle over the town of Cameron.

“The C-17 took off from Pope Army Airfield, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on a routine air drop test training mission and inadvertently dropped a U.S. Army Humvee vehicle prematurely over Cameron, North Carolina, approximately five miles from the Fort Bragg drop zone,” Krause said.

“A load of some kind was released early and we’re looking into how it happened,” said Michael Novogradac, a spokesman for the USArmy’s Operational Test Command.


Military transport airplane AIRDROP (Type of AIRDROP & Methods OF AIRDROP )

The C-17 aircraft carries supplies and equipment into war zones and, on Wednesday, the special operations team was practicing that type of scenario when the accident happened.

Only two items were aboard the aircraft, which was flying at about 1,500 feet in altitude — the Humvee and a new heavy drop platform.

About a mile from the drop zone at Fort Bragg, the platform went out the back of the C-17.

“Everything went as planned except for the early release,” said Fort Bragg spokesperson Tom McCollum.

C-17 accidentally drops Humvee Over North Carolina Neighborhood

The three parachutes attached to the Humvee deployed properly.

According to a report, the aircraft landed safely at Pope Army Airfield, North Carolina.

There are no reported injuries or damage to property at this time.

This incident is under investigation.

A report by WNCN states the Humvee came down via a parachute and landed in a wooded area in a neighborhood.

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