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Pakistan Became First Asian Country to have MIRV Technology

Pakistan has Developed MIRV Technology ! Successfully tested South Asia’s first MIRV payload nuclear-capable Ababeel Missile Article Orginally appeared on The national Interest  United States Confirm that pakistan has developed a MIRV Technology . Pakistan  has successfully  tested Ababeel ballistic missile with a multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) .This make pakistan …

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The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy

The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy   USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear powered submarines used by the United States Navy. The Navy has 18 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines …

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Best of Mortar Fail Compilation 2017

Best of Mortar Fail Compilation 2017     A mortar is an indirect fire device that launches projectiles at ranges from 70 meters to 7,200 meters. The mortar has traditionally been used as a weapon to propel explosive shells called mortar rounds in high-arcing ballistic trajectories. The weapon is typically …

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The slow revolution of the Algerian artillery

The slow revolution of the Algerian artillery Article Orginally appeared on website link  During last 10 year Algerian army  take  measure to upgrade its artillery  . In 2017 Significant changes are made in up-gradation of artillery  in Algerian army Unlike Morocco or Egypt, the Algerian army has never put artillery in its priorities. Integrated in …

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TOP 5 MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense system) in the World

TOP 5 Man-portable air-defense system  in the World   1) 9K333 Verba The 9K333 Verba  is a Russian fourth-generation  man-portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM) MANPADS. Its NATO reporting name is SA-25 . 9K333 Verba uses Three-channel  optical seeker Guidance system (ultraviolet, near-infrared, mid-infrared) . The Weight of 9K333 Verba is 1.5 kg  and …

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The Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge   British Sherman “Firefly” tank in Namur on the Meuse River, December 1944 The Battle of the Bulge (also known as the Ardennes Counteroffensive, and the Von Rundstedt Offensive to the Germans) (16 December 1944 – 25 January 1945) was a major German offensive (die …

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