1st July Happy Canada Day : Royal Canadian Air Force Overview

Royal Canadian Air Force Overview

Canada Day is the national day of Canada. It is the celebration of the anniversary of July 1, 1867, coming into force of the Constitution Act, 1867  which united the three separate colonies of the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada. Originally called Dominion Day the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed.

The Royal Canadian Air Force is the air force of Canada.

As of 2013, Royal Canadian Air Force operate 258 manned aircraft and 9 unmanned aerial vehicles, the Royal Canadian Air Force consists of 14,500 Regular Force and 2,600 Primary Reserve personnel, supported by 2,500 civilians.


Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger is the current Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Chief of the Air Force Staff

The RCAF is a partner with the United States Air Force in protecting continental airspace under the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

The RCAF also provides all primary air resources to and is responsible for the National Search and Rescue Program.

The RCAF traces its history to the Canadian Air Force, which was formed in 1920. The Canadian Air Force was granted royal sanction in 1924 by King George V to form the Royal Canadian Air Force.


Active Fighter jets in RCAF:  McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet

Active Trainer Aircraft in RCAF:  CT-114 Tutor, CT-142 Dash-8, CT-155 Hawk, CT-156 Harvard II

Active Transport Aircraft in RCAF: CC-115 Buffalo, CC-130H Hercules, CC-130J Super Hercules, CC-138 Twin Otter, CC-144 Challenger, CC-150 Polaris, CC-177 Globemaster III

Active Reconnaissance and Patrol Aircraft in RCAF:  CP-140 Aurora, CP-140A Arcturus, CU-170 Heron

Active helicopter in RCAF: CH-124 Sea King, CH-139 JetRanger, CH-146 Griffon, CH-147 Chinook, CH-148 Cyclone, CH-149 Cormorant


Officially known as the Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron the Snowbirds are Canada’s military aerobatics or air show flight demonstration team whose purpose is to “demonstrate the skill, professionalism, and teamwork of Canadian Forces personnel”. The squadron is based at 15 Wing, near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The Snowbirds are the first Canadian air demonstration team to be designated as a squadron

The show team flies 11 CT-114 Tutors—nine for aerobatic performances, including two solo aircraft, and two as spares, flown by the team coordinators.

The Snowbirds continue the flying demonstration tradition of previous Canadian air force aerobatic teams, which include the Siskins, the Blue Devils, the Golden Hawks, and the Golden Centennaires.


Approved by Capt Jennifer Jones, 4 Wing Public Affairs Officer

The CT-155 Hawk is a highly advanced jet trainer. It was selected by the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program for its similarities to sophisticated front-line fighter aircraft. It has an advanced glass cockpit with a Heads Up Display (HUD), an integrated navigation & weapon aiming system and a high-powered turbofan engine.




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