Algeria To Buy Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter & Su-34 Bomber Jets

Algeria To Buy Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter & Su-34 Bomber Jets

Credits: pronews.gOnly days after the first crash of a Su-57 Felon in Russia, existing rumors became stronger and are now said to be true: Algeria will become the first export customer for the Sukhoi Su-57 as well as the Sukhoi Su-34.

MENA Defense reports that a contract between Russia and Algeria for fourteen Su-57 stealth fighters and fourteen Su-34 fighter/bomber aircraft is now almost official.

On top of these 28 aircraft, the Force Aérienne Algérienne (FAA, Algerian Air Force) is also said to order fourteen Su-35 multi-role jet fighters. Next to that, options will be taken on an additional fourteen Su-34s and fourteen Su-35s that will replace all aging FAA jet fighters.

It is reported that the complete contract should be completed by 2025. By then, the FAA will be equipped with an incredibly formidable force of Su-30MKAs, Su-34s, Su-35s, Su-57s, and MiG-29Ms. For training, the country uses the Yak-130.

Negotiations on the purchase of the Su-34 (NATO code-name Fullback) and the Su-35 (NATO code-name Flanker-E) were already going on for a while, but so far no contract was signed.

With this contract, Algeria will become the first country on the southern shore of the Mediterranean to have stealth planes and 5th generation aircraft after being the first to introduce 4th generation planes.

International media today confirms information about the acquisition of the Su-57.

After the most recent MAKS 2019 air and trade show, the contract negotiations gained momentum, now including the newest Su-57 (Felon) Sukhoi design.

If (or when) the aforementioned is realized (at all), it will give the Russian military aviation industries an enormous boost.

Export orders like this usually ensure further development of aircraft and weapons, this time especially for the Su-57. Russia definitely needs export orders to stimulate the production of its own fleet too.

In 2018 and 2019, Su-57 fighter jets were tested in combat conditions in Syria.

Another interesting fact is that the Su-57 jet is designed in a way allowing its close coordination with the Okhotnik heavy unmanned combat aerial vehicle under development for the Russian military.

The Su-57 jet is already in serial production for the Russian Aerospace Forces. The Russian military seeks to receive a total of 76 Su-57 fighters by 2028.


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