China’s anti-stealth radar identify F-22 flying 450km away: Chief scientist

During a talk holding in a research workshop, the chief scientist of the China’s largest radar group, CETC, Dr Wu Jianqi, told the audience that China’s anti-stealth radar is the world most advanced anti-stealth radar.

It solved all the tech difficulties that other countries failed to solve and the 4th generation anti-stealth radar CETC developed, their radar, is the world’s only anti-stealth radar that can not only spot but also track and guide fire-control radar to attack enemy stealth aircrafts in a range of over 500 km.

During the talk, he give an example that their last generation anti-stealth radar track F-22 fighters in East Asia flying 450 km away.

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And he told the audience China airforce now cover the entire China coastline with such highly advanced anti-stealth radar, such that US stealth fighters will be meaningless.

Just like I said it before, China’s radar tech is likely leave the US in the dust.

On April 2018 Chinese state tabloid Global Times reported Chinese scientists have developed new military radar technology that could detect stealth bombers and fighters in areas of the Pacific Ocean beyond Chinese borders.

China’s state-owned Defense News reported the technology is being developed as “in recent years, the [United States] and its allies have deployed multiple stealth aircraft around China in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Song Zhongping, a commentator on Phoenix TV, told the Global Times China’s “anti-stealth radar. detect all kinds of stealth aircraft that the U.S. has deployed in the Asia-Pacific region, including the F-22, F-35, and B-2.”

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Hu Mingchun, director of the No.14 research institute under the China Electronic Technology Group Corp., said the radar has reached a pinnacle in development.

“China’s radar technology is comprehensively approaching world-class level or is as advanced as foreign technology in general. Now we are at the stage of moving up to the leading role,” Hu said.

“In some areas, China already uses the most advanced radar technology in the world, such as ship-based multi-function phased array radar and airborne early warning radar.”

Hu said the United States developed the F-117 in 1981, and that “increasing development and deployment of the stealth aircraft have brought serious challenges to other countries’ homeland air defense.”

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“The technological competition between stealth and anti-stealth technologies will not stop in the long term,” Hu said.

The device can track mosquito-size targets, according to the report.

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