Christina Pascucci KTLA reporter Passes Out in Blue Angels Jet

 Christina Pascucci KTLA reporter Passes Out in Blue Angels Jet

In the above video, you can see Christina Pascucci KTLA reporter Passes Out in Blue Angels Jet F-18

Christina Pascucci flew with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels ??ahead of the Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow.

She is also a pilot

Christina-Pascucci-KTLA-reporter-Passes-Out-in-Blue-Angels Jet
Christina-Pascucci-KTLA-reporter and pilot 

When you aren’t used to pulling 7.5 Gs of force, and aren’t wearing a G-suit, you’re told to do the “hick” breathing maneuver and flex your lower extremities to withstand the pressure of 7 and 1/2 times your body weight barreling down on you.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough….but, it was all worth it.

Christina Pascucci was previously the reporter of KOLO-TV in Reno.

She also served as an anchor of two-hour morning television show at KMIR-TV in Palm Springs. After moving to Los Angeles, Christina joined KTLA in 2011 and has been working on the human rights and environmental beat.


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In addition to that, the reporter has traveled to various parts of the world including Philippines, India, and Afghanistan while covering stories.

She currently works as a fill-in anchor and reporter for LA’s No. 1 morning news. She also serves as an ambassador to 88 Bikes, an organization that fights child sex trafficking around the world.

Christina-Pascucci-KTLA-reporter and pilot 
Christina-Pascucci-KTLA-reporter and pilot 

Christina Pascucci has earned a real name for her humanitarian works and reporting. Looking at her endeavors, we can suspect that the journalist must earn a huge salary that contributes in her net worth.


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