Concorde Supersonic transport Aircraft

Concorde Supersonic transport Aircraft

Concorde  is a British-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner. Concorde was delta-winged aircraft that can fly twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04 ,Concorde  can operate at a range of 6,000 km for around 100 passengers . Concorde made its first flight in 1969 and entered service in 1976 .

Concorde breaking the sound barrier


On 21 January 1976 two Concordes left Paris and London simultaneously with passengers on board for the first time. These flights marked the beginning of three decades of service that saw millions of passengers flown at supersonic speed .In 2003  Concorde’s made its last  commercial flight



Concorde General features

Concorde is powered by Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593  after burning  turbojet engine

Concorde is an Double delta (ogee/ogival) shaped winged  aircraft with four Olympus engines based on those employed in the RAF’s Avro Vulcan strategic bomber.

Concorde was the first airliner to have a  fly-by-wire flight-control system .It was the first commercial aircraft to employ hybrid circuits.

Mach 2.04  cruising speed  for optimum fuel consumption (supersonic drag minimum and turbojet engines are more efficient at higher spee Fuel consumption at Mach 2.0 and at altitude of 60,000 feet (18,000 m) was 4,800 gallons per hour (22,000 l/h)

Mainly aluminium construction using a high temperature alloy similar to that developed for aero-engine pistons.This material gave low weight and allowed conventional manufacture (higher speeds would have ruled out aluminium)

Droop-nose section for better landing visibility

Fully electrically controlled analogue brake-by-wire system

Full-regime autopilot and auto throttle  allowing “hands off” control of the aircraft from climb out to landing

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