Danika Portz (A Ride In The F-15 Fighter Jet)

Nashville singer/songwriter, Danika Portz, was invited to ride in an F-15E Strike Eagle at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

Portz took a ride in the jet after performing for the 2017 Wings Over Wayne Airshow at SJAFB. Portz has a longstanding history of supporting the military and has completed 5 overseas military tours with Armed Forces Entertainmen.

Last year, she released the single, My Superhero, which was filmed while touring US military bases in SW Asia. Part of the proceeds from the song are going to wounded Iraq War veteran, Noah Galloway’s, No Excuses Charity

“As someone who has two brothers serving in our military, I find it extremely important and rewarding to be able to do what I can to serve our troops because they’re the real superheros,” Portz said.

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