Do you know what each jersey you see on a navy flight deck means ?

Every  jersey you see on a navy flight deck has a mission All its own

  • Blue: Moves Aircraft/chock and chain
  • Purple: Delivers fuel
  • Red: load bomb and missiles / Ordnance and crash fire rescue
  • Green: works CATAPULTS and wires
  • Brown: Handle maintenance and inspections/plane captains
  • White: Ensures safety operations
  • Yellow: controls the chaos that is all around /Supervisor and landing signalman enlisted

Why Flight Deck Crews Wear Different Colors Shirt On an Aircraft Carrier?? 

On a single U.S. Navy supercarrier’s 5,500-plus person crew works. Their job is to consistently put aircraft into the air and safely recover them after they launch. In order to make this happen, there exists a small army of flight deck facilitators, and each individual has their own role primarily designated by the color of the shirt they wear.