F-16 Cockpit Video Of Super Bowl LII Flyover

F-16 Cockpit Video Of Super Bowl LII Flyover

Have a look at GoPro cockpit footage from the F-16 Fighting Falcon during Super Bowl LII Heritage Flight flyover of U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 4, 2018. Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33. Congrats Philadelphia on your first Super Bowl win!

See how the F-16 pilot inputs data on the keypad below the HUD. Uses his thumb. Just a little military training technique taught to pilots. Results in much more precise input than trying to use your finger in a bouncing aircraft

In Heritage Flight flyover you can see that P-51D Mustang Sierra Sue II  A true WWII combat veteran P-51 Mustang lead the flyover formation pilot Steve Hinton is flying P-51

P-51D is followed by two Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II .A-10 is known for its amazing Fire power .Best option for close airsupport for ground troops

At the End of the unique Formation, you can see an F-16 fighting flacon following A-10. F16 is a legendary Dogfighter fighter jet of the US airforce. More than 40 Airforce in the world Use F16 and more than 5000 units of f16 are produced so far

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