Sorry! America’s F-22 still more Advanced than Russia’s Su-57 fighter jet

What Happens if an America’s F-22 Raptor Battled Russia’s Su-57

In a recent interview Chief Designer – Director of the Sukhoi Design Bureau Mikhail Strelets claims that Su-57  outshines U.S. F-22 & F-35. He stated that U.S. F-22 Raptor can’t be used to air-to-ground and support ground operations. Su-57 multi-functional aircraft, the US-made F-22 fighter jet is don’t capable of effectively accomplishing missions to destroy ground targets. US Raptor aircraft that are focused only on specific tasks of air combat.

Open the link to view his interview: Russian Su-57 Designers claims That it outshines U.S. F-22 & F-35

His claims have again started a debate that which is the best stealth Fighter jet right now in the world

Here is the answer to Mikhail Strelets claims


It remains unclear what the Director of the Sukhoi Design Bureau meant, but the well-known that F-22 Raptor was designed primarily as an air superiority fighter, but also has a ground attack, electronic warfare, and signal intelligence capabilities.

For its support ground role, an F-22 fighter jet can internally carry two 1,000 pound-class GBU-32 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) with the Global Positioning System-guided or eight 250 pound-class GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs, two AIM-120C, and two AIM-9 missiles in the internal weapons bay.

Also on F-22 can be fitted four under-wing pylon stations to carry weapons, each with a capacity of 5,000 lb (2,270 kg). However, if mounted, external hardpoints will compromise the stealth of the fighter. The pylon itself is designed for minimal impact on aircraft performance. If it becomes necessary for the pilot to jettison the external stores, the entire pylon is jettisoned along with the tank or missile launch rails. The pylon has an aft pivot, so when the stores are jettisoned, the forward attach point is released first, the pylon rotates on the pivot, and then the aft pivot is released. This motion allows the pylon, along with the tank or launch rail to clear the aircraft when it is released into the slipstream.

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It is also worth recalling that F-22 complete its first combat mission in 2014. The mission involved targeting and striking an ISIS command and control building in Syria. According to news reports, the mission was a success.

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is the king of skies—it combines stealth and eye-watering kinematic performance with a powerful array of sensors weapons. For over a decade since the Raptor was declared operational in December 2005, the F-22 has been unquestionably the best air superiority fighter ever built.

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  1. you stupid american idiots,,russian s have quantum engines,terahertz radars,microwave and laser device s capable of shooting any air-air missile,radiofrequences weapons whic can burn you aesa radars in a few nano seconds,hypersonic weapons!stupid idiots you do not have any chance!

  2. You obviously live in a fantasy land…Personally i think you’re “VERY” delusional as well.

  3. Ko ambik f22 cabuk kejar SU -57
    Aku nk tgok

  4. @Mr X


    Russian weapons area always the best in the world and extremly advanced againstt annything Nato brings up … untill it comes to a fight and the russian airplanes are falling out of the lky like stones (like always in the last 60 years……


  5. Lol classic american exceptionalism. The person who wrote this article just copy&pasted from delusional bullcrap source:
    This is just pathetic bait article. Nothing new. Americans are very ignorant and arrogant. I’ll just drop few facts:
    Su-57 has 6 internal hardpoints, mean it can carry 6 air-to-surface missiles while maintaining stealth, but shitty F-22 has only 2 internal hardpoints.
    SU-57 has a range of 3500km without additional fuel tanks, F-22 has maximum range of 3200km.
    SU-57 is more maneuverable, it can perform pugachev’s cobra and kulbit without using thrust vector. F-22 needs thrust vectoring to do these (and it barely performs the maneuvers)
    SU-57 has a radar of 400km range, so it detects the F-22 and launches the long range AAM before F-22 detects SU-57.
    Just F-22 dropped few bombs on insurgents doesnt mean it is combat proven. F-15 is the real aircraft what you call combat proven.
    Same applies to M1A2 abrams, it destroyed only export version of T-72 and chinese Type-69 tanks. The iraqi T-72 “monkey” models lacked composite armor, night vision optics and tungsten armor piercing rounds. American victory in iraq is nothing to brag about because US literally fought against primitive cave men.
    American brainwashed sheeps need to accept the fact thier shitty weapons are not the best anymore. In fact, they were never been the best.
    I highly doubt M1A2 abrams is better tank than Merkava, Leopard 2 or T-90MS.

  6. I saw no argument, why it is more advanced? This is just telling little information about both aircraft and in the end “F 22 is king of the skies…” and about its stealth and shit…

  7. The F-22 and JSF programs promise excellent aircraft. But the fact that we can make and buy them does not mean that we should. The Air Force s intention to replace virtually its entire stock of current fighters with next-generation airplanes costing more than twice as much reflects Cold War habits. Given the unlikelihood of other nations acquiring such advanced aircraft, and the fact that major advances in capabilities can be achieved by improving munitions and sensors on existing U.S. fighters, these planes are unnecessary in the numbers now proposed.

  8. Striking at an ISIS C2 building does not a great fighter jet make.

    Both F22 & F35 have not been tested against any quality opponents. Rather second rate air forces with dubious equipment and training. Is that a calculated strategy to show American invincibility like when the mighty US invaded Grenada and Panama ? Also by showing this off, the Pentagon can keep asking Congress for more and more of taxpayers dollars to “maintain that edge”.

    What mugs the American people are to keep ponying up hundreds of billions of dollars a year on these toys because the greatest weapon the US has is not its military but the soft power wielded by Hollywood.

  9. Wouldn’t it be much better if we never had to find out which is more capable than the other . Stop the craziness !

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