Bride Killed in Helicopter Crash en-route to a wedding

On December 2016  a tragic incident of helicopter crash happened which resulted in the killing of  four people including a bride who was  en-route to her  wedding

In addition to the bride, the other victims included her brother, Silvano Nascimento da Silva, the wedding photographer, Nayla Cristina Neves Lousada, who was six months pregnant, and Peterson Pinheiro the pilot.

The 32-year-old bride, Rosemere do Nascimento, had planned to surprise her fiancé Udirley Damasceno, who was waiting at the altar when the chopper crash-landed a mile from the reception venue in a rural area on the outskirts of Sao Paulo in Brazil.



The groom was left in state of shock at the altar as he was told his bride had died.

According to wedding organizer Carlos Eduardo Batista – one of the few who knew about the surprise – the groom, a locksmith, was totally in the dark about the stunt.

He said: “Every bride has a dream to do something amazing on

their big day and for Rosemeire, hers was to turn up at her wedding in a helicopter without anyone knowing beforehand.”

“Everyone expected a day of joy but it turned into a day of horror,” .


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