China Ready to Surprises world at Zhuhai Airshow with the New weapon

China Ready to Surprises world at Zhuhai Airshow with the New weapon. Zhuhai Airshow Surprises: New Aircraft Carriers, New J-20 Camouflage schemes, New Flying Boat, New Drones and J-10B with thrust vectoring

China continues to emerge as the most dynamic region for defense program development and introductions among the superpowers. The 2018 edition of China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, Guangdong, will take place in just a few days from November 6-11, 2018.

Following are Surprises  you can expect from 2018  Zhuhai Airshow

1) New Chengdu J-20A “Mighty Dragon” Camouflage schemes

Photographers Andreas Rupprecht has shared a feast of interesting images in social media including photos of the Chengdu J-20A “Mighty Dragon” in a completely new operational camouflage scheme.

The Chengdu J-20 is “fifth generation” twin-engine, single-seat air superiority fighters with a distinctive canard, delta wing, and twin tail configuration. They are reported to be operated by the172th Brigade based at the FTTB (Airbase) at Cangzhou.  J-20A aircraft wore serial numbers 78231 and 78232. He also pointed out that the aircraft previously had an angular “splinter” style camouflage scheme but now have a new, rounded pattern camouflage livery.


2) The new version of the J-10B with thrust vectoring

A unique J-10B prototype aircraft number ‘1034’ modified to with a special thrust vectoring engine nozzle. The modification is likely a test version according to the Andreas Rupprecht that has been retrofitted onto the existing WS-10 jet engine.

A unique new version of the J-10B with thrust vectoring arrived at Zhuhai Airshow early this week. (Photo: via Modern Chinese Warplanes on Facebook.)

3) PLAAF new Xian H-6K heavy bombers with the new version of the CJ-20K long-range cruise missile

The most significant development of China expanding military ambitions is the potential return to a strategic nuclear role for the PLAAF, China’s air force. Few military analysts claim that China might have to develop a new version of the CJ-20K long-range cruise missile, currently has the capability to strike targets at a range of 1,080 nautical miles (2,000 kilometers) with a conventional warhead after being launched from China’s legacy Xian H-6K heavy bomber.


4) New Type 002 aircraft carrier 

In October, photos of their aircraft carrier development and preparations for ongoing sea trials have surfaced; On October 28, 2018, the new, unnamed Type 002 aircraft carrier sailed away from its construction and maintenance facility at Dalian, China for its third sea trial. Andreas Rupprecht observed on his Modern Chinese Warplanes page on Facebook (Author’s note: this page is worth “Liking”) that the ship’s flight deck had been cleaned and possibly prepared for flight deck trials during this current shakedown cruise.


Of equal interest is a photo that surfaced on Google Earth that is only a few weeks old, taken on September 22, 2018, showing the two Chinese aircraft carriers sitting side-by-side in their maintenance and construction yard in Dalian. Dalian is a modern, rapidly growing port city on the Liaodong Peninsula, at the southern tip of China’s Liaoning Province.

Two Chinese carriers in the Dalian Shipyard. (Photo: via Modern Chinese Warplanes on Facebook.)

5) AVIC AG600 Kunlong New Flying Boat

Here is a video of China new AVIC AG600 Kunlong flying boat making its first-ever waterborne take-off and landing was posted to YouTube on October 20, 2018. The impressive four-engine turboprop aircraft is intended for the long-range maritime patrol, reconnaissance, search and rescue mission. It is said to be capable of operating in sea state 3 conditions, or waves as high as 6.6-feet (2 meters). With its projected range of 2,796 miles (4,500 km), the AG600 flying boat can reach the contested islands in the outlying regions of China’s sea.



6)  Hong-20 heavy bomber China’s new long-range strategic stealth bomber ( A Copy of US B-2 )

The most interesting, news we might hear at  Zhuhai Airshow about an entirely new, long-range low observable Chinese heavy bomber has surfaced. According to some reports, the program is claimed to be significantly advanced in its development. Defense reported that “The Hong-20 official unveiling could be slated for next month’s Zhuhai Airshow though there is no confirmation of it as yet.” The report went on to reveal that Russian media outlet Rossiyskaya Gazeta claimed the Hong-20 bomber has been under development at the Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute in China since 2008.



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