Eurofighter Typhoon Low level Flying videos

Eurofighter Typhoon Low level Flying videos

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a jet fighter aircraft made by EADS, BAE Systems and Alenia Aeronautica with Eurofighter GmbH. It first flew in 1994 and was introduced in 2003. It uses canards, which makes it agile. It uses a delta wing. It is called the “Eurofighter” because it was made by European countries, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

Eurofighter Typhoon Specification

The Typhoon is 11 meters (36 feet) wide, 15 meters (49 feet) long, and 5.3 meters (17 ft) tall. It is 9,750 kilograms (21,494 lb) with nothing in it, and can weigh up to 21,000 kilograms (46,300 lb) with things in it. It is powered by two EJ200 engines, which can each make 20,000 pounds (9,072 kilograms) of thrust. It can go to 2,125 kilometers per hour (1,320 mph). It carries a 27mm Mauser cannon, and several missiles and or bombs.


Eurofighter Typhoon design

The aircraft is constructed of carbon-fiber composites, glass-reinforced plastic, aluminum-lithium, titanium, and aluminum casting. Stealth technology features include low frontal radar cross-section, passive sensors, and supercruise ability.

The foreplane/delta configuration is intentionally aerodynamically unstable which provides a high level of agility (particularly at supersonic speeds), low drag and enhanced lift. The pilot controls the aircraft through a computerized digital fly-by-wire system which provides artificial stabilization and gust elevation to give good control characteristics throughout the flight envelope.


Eurofighter Typhoon Engine

The Eurofighter is equipped with two Eurojet EJ200 engines, each delivering thrust of 90kN in full reheat and 60kN in dry power mode. Single-stage turbines drive the three-stage fan and five-stage HP compressor. The EJ200 engine has been developed by Eurojet, in Munich.

The engine features digital control; wide chord aerofoils and single crystal turbine blades; a convergent/divergent exhaust nozzle; and integrated health monitoring.


Eurofighter Typhoon Weapons

The internally mounted Mauser BK27mm gun is a revolver gun system with a linkless-closed ammunition feed system. The Eurofighter Typhoon has 13 hard points for weapon carriage, four under each wing and five under the fuselage. An armament control system (ACS) manages weapons selection and firing and monitors weapon status.

Depending on role, the fighter can carry the following mix of missiles:

  • Air-superiority – six BVRAAM (beyond visual range) / AMRAAM air-to-air missiles on semi-recessed fuselage stations and two ASRAAM short-range air-to-air missiles on the outer pylons
  • Air interdiction – four AMRAAM, two ASRAAM, two cruise missiles and two anti-radar missiles (ARM)
  • SEAD (suppression of enemy air defences) – four AMRAAM, two ASRAAM, six anti-radar missiles
  • Multirole – three AMRAAM, two ASRAAM, two ARM and two GBU-24 Paveway III/IV
  • Close air support – four AMRAAM, two ASRAAM, 18 Brimstone anti-armour missiles
  • Maritime attack – four AMRAAM, two ASRAAM, six anti-ship missiles



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