Passengers Film Plane jet engine burn during emergency landing

Red Wings flight 808, a Tupolev Tu-204, experienced engine surging of the no.1 (left) PS-90A engine during takeoff from Ufa, Russia.

The flight crew were notified by the controller and through an engine fire warning on the flight deck. The automatic fire extinguishing system did not work, so the flight crew manually activated the fire extinguishing bottles.

The aircraft returned to land. There were 215 passengers and 7 crew members on board.

Most of the passengers continued their flight on board a backup plane, but, according to the Volga Transport Prosecutors’ Office, some refused to fly after the hair-raising incident.


Passengers of the Tu-204 plane, who returned to Ufa airport on Wednesday morning due to the ignition of the left engine, flew to Sochi at 11:21 (9:21 Moscow time)

The Tu-204 Tu-204 of the Red Wings, carrying out flight 808 of Ufa-Sochi, Wednesday at 5:06 local time (3:06 MSK) made an emergency landing at the Ufa airport due to the ignition of the left engine almost immediately after take-off. Passengers were evacuated with inflatable ladders seven minutes after landing the aircraft. There are no victims. The passengers were accommodated in the airport building, psychologists worked with them. They were offered to fly to Sochi on the reserve vessel of the company Red Wings Tu-214 at 10:55 (8:55 Moscow time).

“The landing on the Tu-214 airplane of the Red Wings was completed at 11:01 (9:01 Moscow time)

The plane flew from Ufa airport to Sochi at 11:21 (9:21 Moscow time),”

The site of the Sochi airport says that the arrival of the aircraft is expected at 11:35 Moscow time.

In the Volga transport prosecutor’s office, RIA Novosti reported that some passengers refused to continue the flight from Ufa to Sochi after the incident. The Transport Prosecutor’s Office conducts an audit of the implementation of safety legislation.

At the airport of Ufa, there is an investigative-operational group and a representative of the Federal Air Transport Agency, who establish the reasons for what happened.

Passengers Film Plane jet engine burn
Photo: FAVT

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