Russia making New Vertical Takeoff and landing Fighter Jet like F-35

See how secretly Russia making New vertical takeoff and landing fighter jets like F-35. Russia is developing a new vertical-take-off aircraft—and new carriers to launch them.

According Yuri Barisov, deputy prime minister for the defense said Russia had been developing a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft like F-35 since 2017, which would be deployed in the next seven to ten years.

An article in the Russian newspaper Izvestia featured statements by two Russian officials that suggested vertical takeoff and landing aircraft carriers and aircraft will be joining the Russian Navy.

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Denis Manturov, the head of the Russian Ministry for Trade and Industry, said Russia would not build helicopter carriers. “I should only note that the shipbuilding program envisages construction of universal landing craft whose landing facilities (helicopter wing, landing craft, and floating armor) are supposed to be placed inside the ship hull or on the ship deck,” he said.

But a VTOL carrier needs a VTOL aircraft. The Soviet Union fielded the unimpressive Yak-38, and partly developed but never completed the Yak-141 in the1980s.

The Yak-141 is too old to resurrect, so a new model is needed.

“Creation of the VTOL system, if now in progress and initiated in 2017, may lead to a flight of the first experimental prototype in 2022-2023 and the launch of the machine in series production in the late 2020s,” Izvestia says.


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  1. Prince Opiyo Davidson(Scoop)

    good work for a better generation…..projecting…in Uganda at Nwoya District lagagi lamlapok…

  2. But on the tail of the plane has an identification of China’s air force


  4. Russians are lotsa talk ing and little doing. They will not develop this plane. Just a bunch of bluster. When will they learn that nobody believes them?

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