S-300 is not capable of defeating F-35 Super-Stealth fighter jet

S-300 is not capable of defeating F-35 Super-Stealth fighter jet

Sorry! S-300 is not capable of defeating an F-35 Super-Stealth fighter jet. Russia has delivered the formidable S-300 air and missile defense system to Syria.

The Israeli Minister for Regional Cooperation Tzachi Hanegbi said on the army radio, that Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile-systems, which Moscow supplied to Damascus, will not be able to detect F-35 fighters, reports Haaretz.


“The operational abilities of the air force are such that those (S-300) batteries really do not constrain the air force’s abilities to act,” he told Israel’s Army Radio. “You know that we have stealth fighters, the best planes in the world. These batteries are not even able to detect them.”

In 2015 that Israel had trained against a Russian-supplied S-300 system in Greece. Israel says its air raids on Syria are needed to foil deployments and arms transfers by Iran or Lebanon’s Hezbollah guerrillas, allies of Damascus.

Hanegbi said that Russia had previously stationed its own S-300 in Syria, so the system’s capabilities had long been factored into Israeli planning. Syria’s military would require “a few months” to get it’s S-300 operational, he said.

“We have clarified to the Syrians more than once that we will not step back from our commitment to prevent Iran’s entrenchment in Syria,” Hanegbi said, adding a veiled threat to take action against the S-300 on the ground: “We were already forced, a few months ago, to destroy Syrian missile batteries, and I hope they won’t challenge us in the future.”

 While the Syrian forces are being trained, Russian forces are likely to retain control of the S-300s and operate those weapons under their direct supervision. Such an arrangement should prevent any rash actions by the Syrian regime and also put a brake on any Israeli plans to strike at the missile batteries.

However, the Israelis might consider eliminating those S-300 batteries if the Russian do in fact hand them over to Syrian control.

Sorry! S-300 is not capable of defeating the F-35 Super-Stealth fighter jet


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  1. Roberto Gonzalez Oliveira

    The best proof that the S300 “do not look” at the F35 is to remember what happened about thirty or forty days ago. Israel bombing Damascus and Syrian operators desperate to have no idea where the attacking planes are are starting to drop missiles everywhere. So helpless were the S300 that one of them fell on the island of Crete hundreds of kilometers from Syria causing a serious fire in the fields. Simply when the Sirians saw that things were flying around them and the missile battery radars told them that “there was no enemy aircraft” they pressed the fire button. The F35 is changing the characteristics of the war in the first half of the 21st century.

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