Turks Called F-16 “Junk” After Watching The Russian Su-35 In Action At Technofest 2019

Turks Called F-16 "Junk" After Watching The Russian Su-35 In Action At Technofest 2019

As we have reported earlier that Russia Su-57 and Su-35 Fighter Jets landed In Turkey for Technofest.

Turkey has expressed an interest in Russian fighter aircraft, including Sukhoi’s 4++ generation Su-35 and the new fifth-gen Su-57 stealth fighter, following Washington’s decision not to follow through with the delivery of F-35s to its NATO ally after Turkey’s refusal to scrap its S-400 air defence system deal with Russia.

After watching the Su-35 demonstration at Ataturk airport, Turkish people seemed quite impressed by the flight capabilities of the Russian fighter. In fact, they seem to consider the Su-35 way better than the US-built F-16 already in service with the Turkish Air Force.

Here are several comments Turks left on Youtube

Metin Eksa:

“Watching the flight of this plane, I dreamed that this plane would become our fighter jet made at our plant. Today we don’t need the American devil, but the Russian bear is needed.”

Phönix – Diriliş başladı:

“It is much better than the American junk! America doesn’t take anybody except Russia seriously.”

Other users calls to abandon “American junk – F-16” and to replace them with Russian fighter jets.


“At 02:34 ‘Pugachev’s cobra’: an ideal combination of aerodynamics and thrust vectoring.”

Yavuz Ortakci:

“We’d better get involved in SU-57 production.”

Galip Sayin:

“It is unknown whether the Russians will approve the transfer of technologies, but if yes, then 20-30 of such planes must be bought.”

There are also attempts to joke

Turgay Tekdemir:

The pilot took a glass of vodka and boarded the plane :).”

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  1. Oh wow, compare a 3rd gen 30+ year old fighter to the latest Russian kit, after you were denied access to the f35.. no bias there whahaha

  2. Russia has great acrobatic jets. US has developed enuf acrobatics useable in an air dogfight but the actual offensive, defensive, stealth and technology needed in air to air fight goes to US. Against F22, nothing has a chance. They wont even see what hit em. Yeah against F35, they got a chance but as mentioned, advantage F35.

    • Nope, Rafale is on par with F-22 for air superiority and with F-35 as a strike aircraft and is stealthier, it uses a different method for its stealth.
      The manoeuvres of a Flanker may look nice, thanks to vectored thrust, it can make wonderful air-Bolshoï BUT, in case of dogfight, even the Red Baron knew that something is absolutely LETHAL for a fighter-pilot : loss of energy! Do something like the Plugashev “Cobra” against a MUCH lighter F-16, and you’ll be toasted!

  3. Let russians dazzle the crowds in air shows.
    American fighter jets dsigned to win the war.

  4. People with weak minds (turks) are easily influenced by showmanship (Russia). Russia knows this and they (turks) fell for it. F16 is highly capable of holding it’s own.

    • Targutay Vatansever

      Harrison took a bite out of his hamburger and made this comment. While making this interpretation, ketchup dripped on his big belly. Harrison is fool because the people he did not know were busy humiliating. You can put the f-16 and su-35 in your ass. İncoming TAI TF-X and more than. The first was bad, we were not in the second, we will see the third one together.

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