Watch: Police helicopter crashes injuring pilot


CCTV footage released by Little Rock police department in Arkansas (US) shows a police helicopter crash in which the pilot was seriously injured.

In the video, the helicopter can be seen parked on a flatbed trailer with its blades spinning, attempting to lift off. Then the pilot seems to lose control of the aircraft, which starts to turn side to side until its landing skids make contact with the flatbed.

A man comes out of a building, seemingly to signal the pilot to land when the helicopter’s landing gear gets stuck underneath the platform.

The aircraft then crashes into the ground after the rotors hit the pavement and get detached, causing the helicopter to spin.

The pilot, retired officer William “Bill” Denio, was hospitalized with a severe head injury, but he is reported to be in stable condition.

Police said he was testing new equipment in the helicopter and that a straight-line wind forced the chopper off the platform.

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