Why the United States doesn’t export the F-22?

This is Why America's Never Exported the Deadly F-22 Raptor

In 1997, the United States government determined that the Raptor, America’s most advanced air superiority fighter, could not be exported to any foreign government, even those of close allies.

The unstated reason for this ban was a suspicion that Israel would if it gained access to the F-22, transfer technology associated with the aircraft to Russia or China.

The United States cannot, as a political matter, of course, single out Israel for a ban on the sale of advanced technology, and so the F-22 export ban covered all potential buyers.

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On the upside, this left the United States as the sole operator of what is probably the world’s most effective air superiority aircraft.

On the downside, it forced U.S. allies to rely heavily on the success of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as well as legacy platforms.

Following are the main reason Why the United States doesn’t export the F-22?

1- The F-22 is a single mission aircraft ( air superiority ) despite the USAF and Pentagon labeled it as a multirole fighter to justify its price to the lawmakers and public.In fact, for AG missions it can deliver only two types of weapons: 1000 lb JDAM and SDB I … It can’t carry LGBs ( No laser designator ) or HARM or even heavier JDAMs because the internal bays are shallow and designed for AA weapons.
Point is: Other nations can’t afford aircraft with a single mission ( air superiority and limited air to ground capabilities ).

2- When Japan, Australia, UK, and Israel asked for it and at time defense secretary Gates didn’t mind; the Pentagon said: For other countries to have it, they must take the full financial burden of building an export copy.
This explanation makes you wonder if the US insists for the F-22 to exported there must be an export copy! So why the hell the F-35 is allowed to be exported with the same specification for the US copies is to be applied to foreign countries ?!!!!

3- The software of the F-22 is not built to be immune to hacking outside the US, unlike the F-35.
4- The software of the F-22 is hard to develop ( it was built that way), unlike the F-35.

Bottom end: The US does not want to export its premier Air Superiority aircraft despite the cut in its numbers because of the rarity of AA missions.

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