Five Possible Ways to Sink a Modern Aircraft Carrier

 Five Possible Ways to Sink a Modern Aircraft Carrier


Here are five options that can be used to destroy an Aircraft Carrier

  1. Torpedo can be used to sink Aircraft Carrier

    On September 17, 1939, HMS Courageous a Royal Navy aircraft carrier destroyed by German submarine U-29 torpedo. During World War II, the United States, the UK and Japan lost numerous carriers to submarines

    Submarine-fired torpedoes remain a critical threat to modern carriers. Modern submarines regularly practice how to attacks on carrier groups. Modern torpedoes cause damage by exploding beneath a ship, an impact that can break the ship’s back with dramatic effects. No one really knows how many modern torpedoes an aircraftt carrier could take before sinking, but we can estimate with little doubt that even a single torpedo would cause extensive damage, and severely impede operations.

  2. Cruise Missile can be used to sink Aircraft Carrier

    Today, several countries have a  wide variety of cruise missiles capable of striking carrier battle groups. These missiles vary widely in range, speed and means of approach, but the most advanced can fly at high (often supersonic) speeds while offering a very low radar profile. As with torpedoes, the available evidence on the effectiveness of cruise missiles against a modern supercarrier is virtually nil. Much smaller ships have survived such hits, as have civilian tankers similar in size to CVN-78. Nevertheless, even a nonfatal cruise missile hit would probably result in severe damage to the flight deck, impeding or completely stopping flight operations.

  3. Ballistic Missile  can be used to sink Aircraft Carrier

    The most important development in carrier-killing technology over the last decade has been the antiship ballistic missile (ASBM). For example, the Chinese Df-21 has the potential to strike American carriers from heretofore unrealizable ranges and threatens to penetrate existing defense systems. The missile can maneuver in its terminal phase, targeting a moving carrier on a high-velocity final addition The kinetic energy alone of the weapon could inflict devastating damage on a flight deck, putting a carrier out of action if not sinking it entirely.

  4. Tactical nuclear weapon can be used to sink Aircraft Carrier

    The easiest way to sink Aircraft Carrier is with a tactical nuclear weapon. But there are serious ramifications to that, and it isn’t a guaranteed kill, as the weapon could theoretically be destroyed before detonation. Which means all the ramifications with none of the results.

  5. Combat jets and Drone can be used to sink Aircraft Carrier

    Using combat jets to destroy and sink aircraft carrier is one of the oldest ways to the destroy Aircraft carrier. Fighter jet and bomber can be used to take multiple hits on the Aircraft carrier and sink it but in this Era its a bit difficult task. But now few new effective concepts like the swarm of drones can help combat aircraft to destroy the aircraft carrier. Thousands of cheap drone can be used to engage aircraft carrier defense. While aircraft carrier defense (Guns) would be busy in destroying the drone. Fighter jets might get a window to penetrate Aircraft carrier defences and cause a significant damage with Antiship missiles 


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Five Possible Ways to Sink a Modern Aircraft Carrier 3

Five Possible Ways to Sink a Modern Aircraft Carrier 4

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