IAF Mig- 21 Bison Wreckage Suggests that Indian pilot was Unable to Fire Single Missile

Following the skirmishes on 27th February 2019, IAF and Indian media claimed that wing commander Abhinandhan shot down a PAF F-16.

Pakistani Authorities denied all such claims and said they didn’t lose any jets.

Recent released Picture of the downed IAF Mig21 Bison’s wreckage has sparked a new debate among the internet community asking questions on whether Wing Commander Abhinandan even got the chance to fire a missile before he was shot down.

IAF Mig- 21 Bison Wreckage Suggests that Indian pilot was Unable to Fire Single Missile

Mig 21 Bison typically has 5 hard points. Hardpoints are also known as a weapon station or places on an airframe that can carry external loads, which in case of fighter aircraft can be missiles, bombs, special pods or External fuel tank (EFT).

Usually, the hard point on the belly of the aircraft carries the EFT and the wings carry missiles. The EFT on one of the hard points was also identified clearly in the pictures of the crash site.

In the above recent Release photo of Complete wreckage of the Mig21 Bison suggest that 4 missiles of IAF Mig21 Bison are Still Intact means that Indian Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan was unable to Fire a single missile

The picture shows the reassembled and rearranges pieces of missiles on board the Mig21 Bison that remained unfired. All four missiles on Abhinandan’s MiG-21 have been accounted for. 2xR-73 and 2xR-77 can be seen clearly.

Ina videotaped statement of Wg Cdr Abhinandan he also tells that he was searching target when PAF JF-17 thunder fighter jet shot down his Mig-21 Biason

“I am a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. I was in search of the target when your [Pakistan] Air Force shot me down. I had to eject the plane which had sustained damage. As soon as I ejected and when my parachute opened and when I fell down, I had a pistol with me.”

Recent evidence has now further weakened the Indian claims that WingCommander Abhi shot down an F-16 jet before going down in combat

India now officially claims that they shot down a Pakistani F-16 and that Wing Commander Varthaman was the one who did it just before he himself got shot down. We have to make clear that so far India has shown zero evidence that suggests that they shot down a Pakistani F-16  in combat.

The videos and images being passed around online that supposedly support the downed F-16 claim are pure misinformation made up of repackaged old media from past incidents or blatant mistruths peddled by “open source intelligence” social media congregators and nationalist pundit accounts supporting the Indian side of the long and sad standoff between the two nuclear-armed neighbors.

Maybe the most notorious piece of media being used to push the F-16 shoot down narrative is a set of pictures of aircraft wreckage showing what some claim is the outer casing of a GE-F110 turbofan engine. There are many issues with the photos, to begin with—Bellingcat even did a big and totally unnecessary write up on it—but one needs to look no further than the simple fact that Pakistan has never operated a single F-16A/B/C/D with a General Electric engine. All of the country’s F-16s have run F100 series Pratt & Whitney engines since Pakistan first acquired the type decades ago.

So, case closed when it comes to one of the most prolific examples of the garbage mound of ‘evidence’ swirling around the incident. Once again, throngs of people, including major news outlets from around the globe, arguing about a subject they know nothing about.

But the question of if a seemingly archaic MiG-21 shot down a Pakistani F-16 really isn’t the issue here.

The problem is that so many have said that such a loss would have been near impossible or a sign of some sort of super embarrassing blunder by an incompetent Pakistani Air Force, or even that the F-16’s value and capabilities as a modern combat aircraft should be discounted due to the purported loss. This is all absolute and total swill.

Read Details here: Enough With The Indian Mig-21 Bison Versus Pakistani F-16 Viper Bullshit

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  1. Might 21 Bison has 6 hard points on the wing and one on the center fuselage. Get your facts right.

    • In which world you are living even you don’t know the hard points of Mig-21 then you don’t have the right to argue.

  2. Fake news. Only 3 missiles are seen at the Mig-21 wreckage. One R73 is is clearly missing from the wreckage!

    • Let me clear you that the front node of missiles contains blasting material and you can see clearly that the front parts of all four missiles are present. Moreover, Abhinandan never told in his interview about shooting down F-16. So it’s means He never fired any missile.

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