Improve Your Flying Skills At The Flight School Of GTA Online

Improve Your Flying Skills At The Flight School Of GTA Online
Flight School in GTA Online. Image: YouTube.

If you want to improve your flying skills in GTA Online, you finally have the chance to attend the Flight School.

You can access the Flight School in GTA Online once you download The San Andreas Flight School Update.

According to sportskeeda, You can learn how to skydive, and fly helicopters and airplanes.

How to Access San Andreas Flight School Missions in GTA Online

The Flight School is located at the Los Santos International Airport in Los Santos. Your character must be level 6 or above to access the San Andreas Flight School missions in GTA Online; they are located at the bottom of the map (just outside the gates to the airport). An airplane icon marks the exact location on your map. Just head over to the Exceptionalists Way and you will find it.

Flight School Lessons in GTA

There are 12 lessons in total and for each one the player will be awarded with a different medal (gold, silver, or bronze), depending on how well the player completes the lesson. Mission failure will occur if the player destroys an aircraft, strays too far away from the course and enters an out-of-bounds area, or takes too long to complete the lesson. Unlike missions, these exercises do not have checkpoints or the skip option (after failing 3 times).

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the flight school consists of 10 solo lessons that include combat maneuvering, low-flying challenges, formation flying, and more. The player will unlock the Elitas T-shirt after completing all 10 lessons with at least a bronze medal, and will earn $18,600 if each lesson is completed with a gold medal. If the player’s first completion of each of the 10 lessons earns a gold medal, they will receive a combined maximum total of 13,950 RP and $232,500, making Flight School one of the most potentially lucrative activities available online. However, it’s counted as a normal contact mission and therefore players need to manually deposit their earnings.

The 12 lessons that you need to complete in GTA Online are:

  1. Training Take Off: Take off and pass through two checkpoints.
  2. Runway Landing: Land safely on the runway.
  3. Inverted Flight: Perform barrel rolls and fly upside down.
  4. Knife Flight: Fly sideways and maintain altitude with the rudder.
  5. Flat Hatting: Fly a checkpoint course through the Port of Los Santos and the LSIA maintaining a low altitude.
  6. Touch Down: Land a plane on a bridge in Lago Zancudo as close as the final checkpoint as possible.
  7. Loop the Loop: Perform an inside loop.
  8. Helicopter Course: Fly through checkpoints in a helicopter through Los Santos.
  9. Helicopter Speed Run: Fly through checkpoints in a helicopter through the Palomino Highlands and Los Santos as fast as possible.
  10. Skydiving: Skydive and land on a stationary target.
  11. Drop Zone: Skydive and land on a moving target.
  12. Earn Your Wings: Course through the city performing stunts learned in the previous lessons. Green checkpoints are for knife flights and blue checkpoints for inverted flights.

The 10 solo lessons that you need to complete in GTA Online are:

  1. Outside Loop: As the name suggests, you need to make an outside loop with your plane.
  2. Engine Failure: In this lesson, you need to successfully land the Miljet in spite of an engine failure.
  3. Chase Parachute: This lesson is tricky as you need to catch a parachute in midair to land safely.
  4. City Landing: You need to land the plane safely, in spite of bad weather.
  5. Moving Landing: You need to land the plane on a flatbed trailer before it drives through the tunnel.
  6. Flight Formation: As the name suggests, you need to fly in a good formation with other planes.
  7. Shooting Range: This lesson will increase your shooting ability as you need to destroy target planes by using a Buzzard.
  8. Ground Level: In this lesson, you need to fly as close to the ground as possible without crashing the plane.
  9. Collect Flags: You need to collect flags by flying through 30 checkpoints.
  10. Follow Leader: As the name suggests, you are required to follow the instructions of your leader.

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