Incredible Footage Of An F-117 Flying Low Over Death Valley Today

Today, February 27, F-117 stealth jet flew again very low over Death Valley. However, this time, the iconic jet was filmed as it overflew a lucky bystander.

Here’s the video posted on Instagram by our friends at AirshowStuff.

Returning for a second day over the same location is very intriguing and seems quite uncharacteristic of how we have seen these aircraft operated over the last decade. We are looking into the peculiar situation and will report back when we find out more.

Yesterday on February 26, 2019 Several photos of an F-117 Nighthawk flying very low over rolling desert terrain appeared on Instagram and Twitter .

The photographs, posted on both the “SWC_Addiction” Instagram and by Neil Jackson (@NeilJackson10) on his Twitter account, show the silhouette and some barely visible, grainy, high contrast detail of an F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. The photos were taken “working the flats at Panamint at 200 feet” according to the Neil Jackson’s Twitter post. This area is near the Nellis Test and Training Range and the region some people refer to as “Area 51”.

While no official information about any ongoing F-117 flight operations is readily available, it would appear the aircraft are performing some test or training role in the region.

Back in July 2018, Youtube user “pdgls” filmed two F-117 flying again at Tonopah Test Range. The video shows two F-117s taking off in sequence as Night (or Knight – 9th FS callsign) 17 and 19. The shape of the Black Jet can be clearly identified as it maneuvers over TTR.

Another Stunning Close up (Most Detailed Photo) Taken Of An Airborne F-117 Nighthawk In Over A Decade also appeared online yesterday

The image comes to us from our good friends over at my favorite magazine on the planet, Combat Aircraft. And there are more where this one came from. Make sure to check out the whole set on their website

The amazing detailed image was taken on the R-2508 range complex near Death Valley in California. According to Combat Aircraft, a single F-117 was blasting through the area at low-level while a pair of F-16s were following in trail from above. To my knowledge, this is the first time a Nighthawk has been seen outside of the Nevada Test and Training Range since the type’s retirement.

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