Legendary F-14 Tomcat is back on The Deck Of An Aircraft Carrier For Top Gun 2 Production

On December 20, 2018 we reported that Tom Cruise Reunites With An F-14 Tomcat on Snowy Set in Tahoe In ‘Top Gun 2’.Legendary F-14 Tomcat was spotted on top gun set that was being towed into the Tahoe area was indeed intended for the production, with shots emerged of Cruise and the production crew crawling over the retired fighter.

Now same F-14 tomcat was spotted on The Deck Of An Aircraft Carrier For Top Gun 2 Production

Images of the jet show Cruise and a production crew working around the Tomcat that is positioned on one of the carrier’s two bow catapults. So it is quite likely that this aircraft will be seen operating from an aircraft carrier in the film and is more than just a single scene plot tool within the script. Apparently, the airframe was also used for scenes shot at NAS North Island, which is colocated with the naval base. 

In the photos, the Tomcat is also packing an AIM-9 Sidewinder with orange bands, indicating it is a live round. This is certainly for the purposes of filming.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is rumored to be used for the movie’s production, so that is likely the carrier we are seeing the Tomcat on. There is a chance that it will set sail with it onboard, which would indicate extensive shooting of the Tomcat while at sea. 

Also, keep in mind that this is not a flying aircraft. It is being used as a static prop for ground footage. There are no flying Tomcats anywhere in the world aside from in Iran. The Navy retired the type in 2006 and most were either chopped up or demilitarized and sent to museums.

Getting one flying for the movie would be very costly and nearly impossible due to red tape surrounding the Tomcat’s sensitive export controls due to their continued use by Iran. There are plenty of other issues as well. 

Regardless, the Tomcat is back aboard an operational supercarrier for the first time in over a decade which is bound to warm the hearts of many who remain superfans of Grumman’s swing-wing Fleet Defender.

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  1. Fact: It is the Roosevelt.

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