List of 83 Missing Aircraft Since 1948 – Plane that have disappeared without a trace

List of 83 Missing Aircraft Since 1948 - Plane that have disappeared without a trace

Since 1948 there have been 83 aircraft,  that have disappeared without a trace.

According to website, 26 of the missing aircraft are a passenger, 19 freighters, 19 military, 19 ferry flights and 10 others. says 59 were lost at sea and 25 on land — either in jungles or in mountains.

In WWII, literally, thousands of aircraft went missing with some still being found today, particularly during freak low tides.

It is interesting to note a large number of flights that have been lost in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

However, the reality is that the area is a hurricane and thunderstorm hotspot and many of the aircraft lost were suspected of drug and gun-running.

A new map by Bloomberg Visual Data charts the disappearances and large aircraft searches from 1948 on. It leaves us with far more questions than answers–whether these vanished planes are miles deep on an ocean floor or stranded on enchanted islands a la Lost, we may never know.

Open link to view List of 83 Missing aircraft: 83 missing Aircraft List

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The disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 was the last passenger flight disappeared with 239 people onboard. The investigators from 26 countries try racing to solve what’s been dubbed the biggest mystery in aviation history haven’t ruled out hijacking, pilot suicide, mass murder, or sabotage. While it’s shocking and strange, it’s far from the first time an aircraft has seemed to vanish off the face of the Earth

Noe the relatives and aircraft industry urges another search for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 the number of aircraft that are missing is sobering.

Families of the MH370 disaster have called on the Malaysian Government to keep open its “no find, no fee” offer for the discovery of the wreckage of the missing plane.

High-tech seabed survey group Ocean Infinity conducted the last search on a no-find, no-fee basis and stood to pocket up to $US70 million ($96 million) if it found the wreckage.

However, a sweep of almost 120,000sqkms of seabed thought most likely to contain the wreckage using sophisticated autonomous underwater vehicles failed to find the missing plane.

Voice370 also renewed a call on the Malaysian Government to release all available data on the disappearance to independent experts, particularly in relations to military radar, for “a thorough peer review and analysis”.

Military and civilian primary radar was able to track the Boeing 777 immediately after communication ceased in 2014 as it performed a series of turns over the Malaysian peninsula. Contact was lost before the plane turned towards the southern Indian Ocean and disappeared with 239 passengers and crew on board.


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