Military analyst spotted American F-117 Nighthawk in Reconnaissance Images of China

In 2010 Military analyst Allison Puccioni was going through Reconnaissance Images of China. In the industrial city of Luoyang, she notices something strange.

She spotted an abject looking like an American F-117 Nighthawk in an industrial complex in China

Intelligence revealed that the object in Luoyang is housed in a facility that develops military targeting systems

Now, what would an F-117A Stealth Fighter be doing in China?

The F-117A mockup is sitting at the Electro-Optical Technology Development Center in Luoyang, China. The center does R&D for Chinese air-to-air missiles.

The image above, captured in March of 2010, depicts an F-117A mockup. The mockup appears to be partially completed, apparently missing the forward fuselage. The picture above is from Google Earth.

The question is, is the plane real or just a model?

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