Navy Aircraft Carrier fighter jets Deck Accidents Videos

Landing a plane on the deck of an aircraft carrier is one of the most dangerous and amazing daily activities facing pilots and deck crew.

It also instructs pilots how to avoid them and what emergency ejection or ditching procedures to follow in case they do occur.

A barrier landing, called for when a pilot has a landing gear problem, is shown as the set-up of the barrier. Many crashes in this film were captured by the Pilot Landing Aid Television system, known as PLAT, so the quality is not optimal.

While the image is low resolution, they enable incidents to be studied in some detail. The impact and the lessons learned from these plane crashes are dramatic and serve as excellent training for new pilots.

Ships seen in the film are the nuclear carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) and the conventional USS Boxer (CV-21). Planes seen in the film are F-8 Crusader amongst many others.

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At number 10 you can see a Su33 almost crashed During landing on Russian Aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

At number 9 you can see a Trap malfunction on USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73) In that Incident Arresting cable is broken which resulted in the crash of the F-18 HORNET. The pilot managed to eject safely

At number 8 you can see during takeoff from an AIRCRAFT CARRIER Fighter jet accidentally hit the flight deck crew

At number 7 you can see the brakes of the aircraft failed.

Sukhoi during takeoff from Admiral Kuznetsov crashed  into the sea crash

Ragged landing f18. hornet crashed into an Aircraft carrier deck

In 4 and number 3, you can see helicopter crash videos on the carrier deck

number 2 you can see During landing fighter jet collided with Other Aircraft on flight

 At number is an Emergency landing

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