Pakistan Navy Aircraft Violated Greek Airspace During Eastern Mediterranean-2019

Pakistan Navy Aircraft Violated Greek Airspace During Eastern Mediterranean-2019
Pakistan Navy Lockheed P-3C Orion Credits: Asuspine Via Wikipedia

According to the Fort-Russ report, Pakistan navy Lockheed P-3 Orion naval surveillance aircraft had violated Greek airspace more than twice during Eastern Mediterranean-2019 exercise.

Despite the fact that the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a protest rally and even in a very strict style to the Pakistani chief for two consecutive days since the P-3C Orion aircraft violated Greek airspace on Tuesday, the Pakistani Navy again violated FIR calculates Greece.

Specifically, it flew east of Kastelorizo, then south and then turned east in violation of the Nicosia (Cyprus) FIR.

After staying there for a while, the Pakistani jet returned to Turkish airspace following the original course in reverse.

The Pakistani P-3 flew with 14 Turkish fighter jets, 3 CN-235 Turkish Navy aircraft, and 3 helicopters to the FIR Athens without submitting a flight plan. These aircraft reported 21 infringements of air traffic rules.

It is worth noting that last year the Turkish fighter jets made 47 flight overs while in 2019 they had reached 76.

The Turkish fleet is conducting the “Eastern Mediterranean-2019” exercise in the Aegean and in the wider Mediterranean region. It includes Turkey, which is also the host, Pakistan with surface units and aircraft, Canada, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

Eastern Mediterranean 2019” exercise carried out by Turks throughout the region, having activated for this purpose, they said, more than 48 ships and 4,700 personnel are involved.

In a statement, the Turkish Ministry of Defense characterized it as the largest exercise to date, as it involved another 15 countries in one way or another.




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