Plane landing on a cargo ship at sea – and subsequent takeoff

Plane landing on a cargo ship at sea – and subsequent takeoff

In this footage, you can see the pilot try to land Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat on a cargo ship . cargo ship that already had the nickname “aircraft carrier” was sailing at 9 knots speed , the true windspeed was 14 knots . Pilot try to land his plane on moving ship  . The ship was empty and very bow high which is not that visible in the video due to the camera angles, that created annoying low level turbulence and an untidy landing. Crew members save the day by courageously helping pilot  to take off, as the deck was slippery with salt spray.

The ship is a 3,500 tonne multipurpose vessel with a total length 93 metres, deck in front of bridge 60 metres x 15 metres. The ship, due to its unique design, has twice the deck space and hold space of conventional ships of the same tonnage.

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