R/C Aircraft Carrier with new Fighter jets F22 /WM (VTOL ) Landing on it

Here is the video of the R/C Aircraft Carrier with new Fighter jets F22 /WM (VTOL ) Landing on it.

If you’ve built a 13-foot replica of the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier, you will probably want some aircraft to land on it.

Because of this, the creators of the replica found a way to land a remote-controlled plane on the ship.

The feat, however, wasn’t as easy as it might sound. After a pretty long two years of testing

It was made clear that it would be nearly impossible to land a traditional remote-controlled plane on the aircraft carrier.

To circumvent that difficulty, the team instead turned to an F-22 quadcopter. Of course, landing the device still took skill, but it was much easier to do.

Now, the toy planes can land on the toy aircraft carrier after coming back from any toy battles.

You can check out a video of the system in action below.

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