Russia Developing New Stealth Runway-independent Reusable Unmanned Air Vehicle

Russia Developing New Stealth Runway-independent Reusable Unmanned Air Vehicle

Russian Kronstadt company has unveiled a concept of newest stealth unmanned aircraft during the sixth International Military and Technical Forum Army-2020 in the Patriot Park near Moscow.

The new aircraft, called the Grom (Thunder), to be a runway-independent, reusable unmanned air vehicle capable of a broad range of operational missions.

The Grom is an unmanned attack aircraft capable of performing intelligence, surveillance, and intelligence, strike, and electronic warfare missions either on its own, as a loyal wing working together with a manned aircraft, or in a networked autonomous swarm.

“The unmanned vehicle has a mass of seven tons and a payload of about 500 kilograms,” said Nikolay Dolzhenkov, general designer of the Kronstadt company. “The new drone will operate in one connection with the Su-35 and Su-57 fighters.”

The Russian Air Force is also expecting to receive the first batch of Okhotnik newest stealth heavy strike unmanned aerial vehicle in 2024, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Head Yuri Slyusar reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

The mass deliveries of the latest Okhotnik (Hunter) stealth heavy strike drone to the Russian troops will begin in 2024, said Yuri Slyusar.

“We received an assignment from the Defense Ministry to speed up the experimental design work and maximally adjust the schedule in order to begin the deliveries already from 2024. That is why, we are actively working with colleagues on this issue,” the chief executive said.

Russia’s latest attack drone features stealth technology and the flying wing design (it lacks the tail) and has a take-off weight of 20 tonnes. The drone has a jet engine and is capable of developing a speed of around 1,000 km/h.

According to the data of Russia’s Defense Ministry, the drone has anti-radar coating and is outfitted with equipment for electro-optical, radar and other types of reconnaissance.

The remote-controlled Okhotnik model was unveiled at the Army-2019 international defense exhibition outside Moscow in late June.

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