Russia Planning To Send New MiG-35 Fighters Jets To Syria: Report

Russia Planning To Send New MiG-35 Fighters Jets To Syria: Report
Russian Su-57 and MiG-35 Next Generation Fighters – Credits: Russian Airforce

Moscow is planning to send its newest MiG-35 fighter jets to its Khmeimim military base in syria to advertise them to potential buyers.

In recent years, Syria has become a real military training ground for testing new Russian weapons. From there passed the T-90 tanks, the T-14 army, the Okhotnik drone, as well as the Russian Su-35 fighters and the newest Russian fighter of the fifth generation – Su-57.

The military experts believe that the new Russian fighter will fight the Israeli F-16 in the very near future, in an attempt to prevent such frequent attacks from Tel Aviv on positions of Hamas and the Iranian army on the territory of the Arab state.

“The MiG-35 has many advanced features, including the use of artificial intelligence,” said US experts.

Among the real buyers of the MiG-35 are countries, including India, Egypt, Belarus and Angola, which is an opportunity for Moscow to advertise the functionality of its fighters in real combat conditions. there is currently no more suitable place than Syria.

The MiG-35 is the successor to the legend of Russian aircraft construction and one of the flagships of the Cold War – the MiG-29. Having successfully passed state tests some time ago, he is known to be capable of conducting high-precision air raids and attacks against targets both in the air and on the ground.

In addition, the deployment of the MiG-35 at Russia’s Hmeimim air base and participation in military operations in Syria will give the pilot more experience. US experts have not ruled out the possibility of Russia delivering MiG-35 fighters to the Syrian Air Force.

Russian experts have repeatedly argued that the current development of the MiG-35 is better, modern and efficient than that of the American F-15 or F-16, and that maintenance costs compared to the obsolete MiG-29 are at least 80% lower.

The Russian MiG-35 not only significantly outperforms the F-16, which is currently being served in neighboring Turkey and Israel, but could trigger a heavy F-15 fighter jet. of Israel, US experts said.

All this can really make this Russian fighter of 4 ++ generation attractive and attractive to foreign buyers, who are expected to be more than expected.

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