Russian Threat Prompt Denmark To Keep F-16s Longer

Russia Threat Prompt Denmark To Keep F-16s Longer
A Danish F-16 with the special Donnebrog colour scheme intercepts a Russian Il-20 electronic intelligence plane in international airspace near Denmark, on September 30, 2019. Danish military/Facebook

According to an exclusive Reuters report, Denmark will keep its fleet of F-16 fighter jets operational three years longer than planned amid a heightened security threat from Russia.

According to the country’s Defence Minister Morten Bodskov Denmark is to retain its F-16s at a higher operational level and for a longer period than planned due to regional tensions prompted by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Rather than phase out its F-16 fleet in 2024, the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) transitions to the Lockheed Martin F-35.

The NATO country will spend 1.1 billion Danish crowns ($156 million) to keep its F-16s flying until 2027. Denmark agreed in 2016 to buy a fleet of F-35 Lightning fighter jets from Lockheed Martin with a plan to retire its F-16s in 2024.

“The defence of NATO territory to the east is more central than at any other time in recent history. That is why we are extending the operational capacity of the F-16s while the new F-35 jets are being phased in,” Bodskov said in a statement.

“Putin’s aggression in Ukraine has changed Europe and the threats we face,” he said.

The decision will allow Denmark to strengthen its national defence and to participate in NATO missions, such as air policing in the Baltic countries, the defence ministry said.

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