Russian pilot release video of Su-27 dangerously Turning Into A U.S.A.F F-15 During Intercept

Russian pilot release video of Su-27 dangerously Turning Into A U.S.A.F F-15 During Intercept

A video showing a Russian Su-27 Flanker flying between a USAF F-15C Eagle and another aircraft during an intercept mission, with the Su-27 turning then directly into the F-15 at very close range in an attempt to ‘push it away’ from the aircraft it was escorting.

It’s not clear where and when the footage was taken but, provided it is genuine (it seems so), it was probably filmed in the Baltic region, when the U.S. Air Force F-15C) were supporting NATO BAP (Baltic Air Policing) mission.


It isn’t clear exactly what the circumstances are that led to the intercept or where it occurred, although the F-15C appears to be from the 493rd ‘Grim Reapers’ Fighter Squadron based at RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom. The unit has a heavy presence throughout Europe and regularly provides aircraft for NATO’s air policing duties in the Baltic region.

Su-27 Flankers flying in international airspace from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad and back, often escorting other aircraft (including Tu-22, Tu-134 and An-72 jets) are frequently intercepted by NATO fighters in QRA (Quick Reaction Alert). The Russian aircraft operate with no FPL, onboard transponders off, and usually do not maintain radio contact with the local air traffic control agencies and for this reason they are identified and escorted by NATO aircraft based in Lithuania and Estonia.

In recent years, the number of dangerous incidents between the aircraft of the Russian Air Force and their American counterparts over Batik and the Black Sea has risen dramatically.

Clearly, such abrupt maneuvers could end in disaster and spark an international crisis, but regardless of the normal diplomatic protests that occur after these types of events, Russia has shown to have little interest in modifying their pilot’s behavior.


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