Russia’s New S-350 Vityaz Air Defense System Spotted At Taganrog Airbase

Russia’s New S-350 Vityaz Air Defense System Spotted At Taganrog Airbase
Credits: Russian Ministry of Defense

Russia’s new S-350 Vityaz surface-to-air missile system was spotted in a video released by Russian state media showing Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft from Taganrog Airbase in Rostov carrying out attack drills and firing missiles at Ukrainian targets.

At released images show the Russian Su-25 aircraft bearing the now-infamous letter ‘V’ on them conducting operations in Ukraine and modern S-350 Vityaz short-mid range surface-to-air missile defense systems, which were deployed at the airfield.

Footage shows several elements of an S-350 missile system, including a 50N6A fire-control radar, 96L6 low-altitude detection set surveillance radar, and 2 50P6 transporter-erector-launchers.

Russia’s S-350 Vityaz is deployed at an airbase less than 40 miles from the Ukrainian border. Russian military reportedly has deployed its new air defense system to protect airbases from possible missile strikes from Ukraine.

The S-350 Vityaz (Knight) is a short-to-mid-range air defense missile system intended to provide point defense against aircraft and precision attacks. It was developed by Almaz-Antey Company as a replacement for the aging S-300PS, which was developed back in the early 1980s. The first set of these complexes was transferred to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in December 2019.

The missile system is mounted on an BAZ-6909 8×8 truck chassis. It’s a dual missile system, whereby each of the standard containers can be replaced by a pack of four smaller and shorter weapons. The vertical launcher truck carried twelve tubular containers, in two lines of six.

The missile weapon system consists of a command post, an X-band multi-functional fire control, tracking, and surveillance radar, and up to three missile launchers with 12 9M96E missiles or two 9M100 short-range missiles replacing one 9M96E missile.

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