Russia’s tests its new hypersonic Kinzhal missile

Russia’s tests its new hypersonic missile


Article originally appeared on RT news

Russia Successfully conducted the test of a new cutting-edge hypersonic Kinzhal missile that is designed to penetrate any defenses.
In this Footage, you can clearly see  MiG-31 aircrafts carrying a single Kinzhal on its under-fuselage pylons. After takeoff when the plane reached high altitude The planes fire the ‘Kinzhal’ missile.

The projectile can be seen detaching from the plane’s belly, shooting off the engine shroud and swiftly blasting away, leaving only a trail in the skies.

Col. Valery Antsibor, deputy commander of Russia’s main test-piloting center, said. Tests of this nature also help the ground crews and all other military personnel involved to get familiar with the new missiles.

The ‘Kinzhal’ missile has an effective range of 2,000km and can travel 10 times faster than the speed of sound. .

The Kinzhal can be fitted with nuclear or conventional warheads.

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