Saab Delivers First Global Eye AEW&C Plane To UAE

Saab Delivers First Global Eye AEW&C Plane To UAE
Saab flew its GlobalEye airborne early warning and control aircraft to the 2019 Dubai Airshow, marking its first visit to exhibition. (Saab)

Saab has delivered its first GlobalEye multi-role airborne early warning & control (AEW&C) platform plane to the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates has ordered three GlobalEye aircraft, with the initial contract signed in late 2015. In November 2019 the country also announced its intention to complete a contract amendment for the purchase of an additional two systems.

“The delivery of the first GlobalEye is a major milestone for Saab, but also an important step in the history of airborne early warning and control. We have set a new standard for the market and I am proud to say that we have delivered the most advanced airborne surveillance solution in the world to the United Arab Emirates”, says Micael Johansson, President and CEO of Saab.

Acceptance testing will now be conducted by UAE air force personnel, with this process supported by Saab’s in-country team. It has already delivered training for the customer’s pilots and ground-system operators.

A schedule for subsequent deliveries has not been disclosed, but Saab chief executive Micael Johansson notes that the company has a “rather tight schedule”.

Once operational, GlobalEye will provide the UAE with the capability to simultaneously perform surveillance of airborne, land and maritime threats. Its sensor suite includes Saab Erieye ER airborne early warning and Leonardo Seaspray 7500E maritime search radars.

GlobalEye is Saab’s new airborne early warning and control solution. It provides air, maritime and ground surveillance in a single solution.

GlobalEye combines Saab’s new Erieye Extended Range Radar and a range of additional advanced sensors with the ultra-long range Global 6000 aircraft from Bombardier. A solution that maximizes operational performance – both in terms of detection capability and mission endurance – while at the same time offering outstanding crew comfort.

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