Scots Millionaire Buys Buccaneer Fighter Jet For £28k To Display It At Animal Park

Scots Millionaire Buys Buccaneer Fighter Jet For £28k To Display It At Animal Park
Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2B, UK – Air Force AN0334965 – Credits: Pedro Aragão

Two scot millionaires have purchased a Blackburn Buccaneer fighter jet for £28k from a petrol station to display it at the animal park.

Iain Aitkenhead listed the retired Buccaneer online after deciding to sell part of his business.

The jet, named the Glenmorangie Buccaneer, flew out of nearby RAF Lossiemouth and saw action all over the world, including during the first Gulf War.

When it was retired in 1996, Iain secured a deal with the MoD and snapped it up for a “few thousand” pounds.

The old RAF Buccaneer will take its place among animal attractions at the Scottish Deer Centre — which millionaire David, of Wormit, Angus, saved from administration in May.

The dad, who halved the cost with business partner Gavin Findlay, joked: “I bought a zoo during the lockdown and now I’ve got a jet.

“When I phoned him I told him to have a seat.”

But he added: “Everyone is going to want to come and see it. Our biggest problem will be policing how long dads sit in the cockpit.

“I’m happy I managed to convince Gavin to help pay for the jet and come along with my craziness.”

David faces the task of shifting the 44ft-wide jet 140 miles to the park in Cupar, Fife.

He has asked cops and councils to close roads and even the Tay Bridge.

He said: “I’m really happy it is going somewhere it will be appreciated and looked after.”

The Blackburn Buccaneer is a British carrier-capable attack aircraft designed in the 1950s for the Royal Navy (RN). Designed and initially produced by Blackburn Aircraft at Brough, it was later officially known as the Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer when Blackburn became a part of the Hawker Siddeley Group, but this name is rarely used.

The Buccaneer entered Royal Navy service in 1962. The Buccaneer was purchased by the RAF, entering service in 1969.

After a crash in 1980 revealed metal fatigue problems, the RAF fleet was reduced to 60 aircraft, while the rest were scrapped.


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