Watch: SU-33 Crashed in Sea While Landing on Admiral Kuznetsov

The incident took place on 5 September 2005

The reason of the crash was the pilot landing the Sukhoi Su-33 at too great a speed due to which  arresting cable broke

That causes the arresting gear to fail under the great strain it was put under.

As you can see, the pilot successfully ejected and survived the crash

In the below footage, you can see SU-33 crashed in sea while landing on Admiral Kuznetsov


The plane was initially planned to be destroyed with depth charges to prevent the recovery of classified equipment.

The Su-33 glided down into the sea as a result of it and sank at a depth of 1,100 meters

Famous Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker-D near crash miss on Landing Attempt


Head of the Russian Navy press-service Igor Dygalo says the Su-33 black box was to automatically surface in case of a crash and it actually did

However, this did not take place as the aircraft did not carry sensitive equipment.

Su-33 is the world’s best naval flanker. Its folding outer wings and empennage allow storage of the aircraft in under-deck hangars and to minimize the space taken by it on maintenance positions on the deck.

Its engine AL-31K with the traction of 13,300 kilogram-force intensifies its take-off run from the deck. The pilot’s seat is bent at 30 degrees angle that helps pilots better endure overload and catapult in case of emergency.

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