Syrian air defence repels Israeli F-16 attack on Damascus airport – IDF downs a missile over Golan Heights too

Syria’s air defense systems have repelled an attack by Israeli F-16 fighter jets on the Duwali international airport in southeastern Damascus. Seven missiles were downed, a spokesman for Russia’s national defense management center said on Sunday.

“Air defense forces of the Syrian army have repelled an air attack by the Israeli air force on the Duwali international airport in the southeast of Damascus,” the spokesman said.

According to the spokesman, the Pantsir and Buk air defense systems hit seven Israeli missiles. “No damage has been done to the airport’s infrastructure. No casualties or damages have been reported,” the spokesman said.

The air strike was delivered by four Israeli F-16 fighter jets from the Mediterranean Sea at 13:32 Moscow time. Guided aircraft missiles were used.

Shortly after the incident, Israel’s military said its Iron Dome missile defence system shot down a rocket that had been fired at the northern part of the occupied Golan Heights on the Syria frontier on Sunday.

The military statement did not specify where the rocket had been launched from. The northern Golan is also close to Lebanese territory.

The missiles were fired shortly after Syrian state media reported that Syrian military air defenses thwarted an Israeli airstrike on the south of the country.

Israelis visiting Mount Hermon in the country’s north reported seeing rockets flying over from Israeli territory later Sunday.

During the alleged strike, an Iranian passenger plane originating in Tehran was about to land in Damascus. It began its descent, though turned around and flew back to Iran moments before touching down.


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