Top 20 strongest and Powerful Air forces in the world – 2023 Ranking

Top 20 strongest and Powerful Air forces in the world

The Air Force is the military branch of the country that conducts aerial warfare, and its functions are different from Army, Navy and marine corps.

The most important part of any country, Air Force plays an important role in maintaining the security of the country like other forces, but the Air Force consists of a combination of bombers, helicopters, fighter planes, transport planes, and other aircraft. Moreover, Air forces are majorly responsible for operations of the military space, ICBM Intercontinental ballistic missiles, and communications.

Based on Our team’s research and analysis here is a Top 20 strongest and most Powerful Air forces in the world – 2023 Ranking

Here is the list of the Top 20 strongest and most Powerful Air forces in the world – 2021 Ranking

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1- United States Air Force

2- Russian Air Force

3- People’s Liberation Army Air Force (China)

4- Royal Air Force (United Kingdom)

5-French Air Force (Armée de l’Air)

6- Israeli Air Force

7- Indian Air Force

8- German Air Force ( Luftwaffe )

9- Japan Air Self-Defense Force

10- Pakistan Air Force

11- Turkish Air Force

12- Royal Australian Air Force

13- Egyptian Air Force

14- Republic of Korea Air Force

15- Italian Air Force

16- Royal Canadian Air Force

17- Royal Saudi Air Force

18- Swedish Air Force

19- Spanish Air Force

20- the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force

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  1. zulqarnain warsi

    I think Pakistan air Force is on top 5

    • Pakistani air force is world’s best… if u want to try …. yes sure but your own risk… we git Israeli pilot and just left 1 for india called abhi nandan….

      • Yes you are right. Pakistani Air force is the best air force in the world. They have JF17 blunder which is very very powerful and it can even shoot down the space craft .
        They also other very advanced planes that can destroy any Indian city without even taking off from ground.

        Very Very powerful

        • I see someone is feeling jealous, wasn’t the tea fantastic? or was the beating your pilot took better? why don’t you try this time with Rafaels? or are you satisfied with making bollywood movies of attacks and cross border strategic strikes and commando raids? look inward you are not that good, Pakistan is not that good either just good enough to counter you.

  2. Reinhold Classen

    Wo ist die Deutsche Luftwaffe?

  3. Pakistan, i hope thats a joke.

  4. You should know that Pakistan shot down two indian jet (su30M and Mig -21 ) both of which are the updated variants of the aircrafts ,on the other hand indian air force bigger in size than pakistan air force was not able to shot down a single pakistani jet .It is because pakistan has more advance fighter jet than india . Pakistani air force has played a major roll in international affairs and some wars also this is all because of the fact that Pakistan has more efficient pilots and are better trained . Brother you should check the facts propertly . Because nowerdays quantity does not matter but quality matters and Pakistan aircrafts are of better quality .

  5. What about my country nigeria

    • Nigeria cant be on this list my friend, it is no where in this list because it operates mostly outdated F-6 Aircraft, it recently purchased three JF-17 Light multirole fighters from Pakistan but the JF-17 is a 3.5-4 Gen aircraft at best of which pakistan alone operates close to 90, but the Pakistani version carrys lethal ammo, like cruises and BVM which Nigeria does not have. In addition network centric skills are missing in Nigeria again the Pakistani airforce has very strong network centric skills with the JF 17 which integrates with smart bombs and missles and squadron level integration with F-16 Aircraft form the US. Nigeria would have to go a long way before showing up on this list.

  6. Dont think the Indians out rank Turkey? not possible, Turkey has over 280 top notch attack aircraft….mostly latest F-16 Block F fighters……they are on drugs and dont think Turkey is one spot ahead of Pakistan at all, the difference should be more, I think India and Turkey can switch places. Pakistan should be at Number 8-10 at most after Turkey as the German air force is equipped with mostly system based strengths as part of NATO on a stand alone basis dont think Germany is better than Turkey at all. India is a great air force no doubt, but at the moment the systems are some of the weakest in terms if network integration and platforms, dont think they should be #7 at all.

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