UFO sighting? Police Releases eerie footage of UFO hovering in the sky

CCTV FOOTAGE released by Broome Police shows a bright mushroom-shaped object hovering in the sky during a thunderstorm in the far north-west of Australia on Saturday night.

Police have released eerie footage of a glowing round object appearing during a fierce thunderstorm in a remote area in Australia’s far north-west. The mysterious video shows the object tilted on its side before zooming into the distance. The strange object appears in the left-hand corner just after a lightning strike.

Broome police, in Australia’s far north-west, shared CCTV footage of a bizarre looking object in the sky on Twitter – and many were quick to claim it was a UFO.

The video shows a bright object tilted on its side during a thunderstorm on the Saturday night.

It hovers in the sky during the storm before disappearing into the distance just seconds later.

Police captioned it saying: ‘After reviewing CCTV at town beach of last night’s storm, it appears we are not alone.’

Twitter users were quick to react with suggestions, as one speculated: “Amazing looks like ball lightning. How lucky to actually see it first hand”.

Another questioned: “What is that???”

A third said: “How does this optical illusion occur? Refraction, reflection, ionosphere?”

A fourth believed the mysterious object to be from a car’s headlights, posting: “You know it’s just light refraction from the reversing 4WD right?”

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