Underwater Ejection from a downed fighter jet

Underwater ejection from a downed fighter jet

The animation shows how to escape through underwater ejection. It shows different angles in which the pilot can eject to the surface. While ejecting, there should be about 10 feet of water above the pilot for safe ejection.

The pilot in the test cockpit lowered into the water and then ejects to the surface. Cameraman recording the event. Location: United States. Date: 1965.

Underwater Ejection

Probably the rarest form of the ejection, ejecting while submerged. As odd as it may sound, it is feasible and has been done successfully. Once submerged, it is virtually impossible to open an aircraft canopy against the pressure differential between the water and the air in the cockpit.

Once the cockpit is full of water, it might be possible to slowly push the canopy open and exit the craft, but the amount of time necessary for the cockpit to fill would allow the plane to sink below the depth a pilot could survive.

The pilot’s oxygen mask is optimized for use in thin atmosphere conditions, and cannot be counted on to provide breathable oxygen under any depth of water.

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