US NAVY Sailor got sucked into A-6 Intruder jet engine intake

US NAVY Sailor got sucked into A-6 Intruder jet engine intake

An active flight deck is a minefield of danger and accidents waiting to happen.In the above video, you can see a US sailor getting  sucked into the engine of a fighter jet for three minutes

on February 20, 1991, a young 21-year-old US sailor John Bridget,  was checking the launch mechanism on a Grumman A-63 Intruder on board the USS Eisenhower during the Gulf War

John was hooking A-6 intruder to one of the carriers catapults.

He accidentally walked in front of jets air intake and got sucked inside

What saved Sailor

What allowed him to survive was the design of the A-6 engine.

It has a long protruding ‘bullet’ or cone that extends in front of the first stage fans.

Moreover, when he was sucked in, his arm extended above his head which caused his body to wedge between the bullet and inside wall of the intake.”

Lucky for him, his helmet and coat were sucked in first which prompted the pilot to cut the throttle.

It took almost three minutes for him to push his way out of the intake after being sucked in

As can be seen, His survival is clearly a miracle.

even though he was in intake of the fighter jet for 3 Minute he suffered only minor injuries

 Here is his photo of John Bridget after the incident

probably you have noticed that flight deck crew member wear different color jersey Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Brown because each individual on flight deck has their own role primarily designated by the color of the shirt they wear.

Learn details about the function of each jersey you see on a navy flight deck

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