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Video of Air Strike on Taliban Snipers – The Hornet’s Nest

Video of Air Strike on Taliban Snipers – The Hornet’s Nest

View Video of Air Strike on Taliban Snipers – The Hornet’s Nest

US soldiers take fire from a nearby ridge. An airstrike is called in to remove the threat.

What is an  Air Strike?

An airstrike or air strike is an offensive operation carried out by attack aircraft.

Air strikes are commonly delivered from aircraft such as fighters, bombers, ground attack aircraft, and attack helicopters.

The official definition includes all sorts of targets, including enemy air targets, but in popular usage, the term is usually narrowed to a tactical (small-scale) attack on a ground or naval objective.

Weapons used in an airstrike can range from aircraft cannon and machine gun bullets, air-launched missiles and cruise missiles, to various types of bombs, glide bombs and even directed-energy weapons such as lasers.

It is also commonly referred to as an air raid.

In close air support, air strikes are usually controlled by trained observers for coordination

with friendly ground troops in a manner derived from artillery tactics.

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Today, airstrike terminology has extended to the concept of the strike aircraft

what earlier generations of military aviators referred to as light bombers or attack aircraft.

With the near-complete air supremacy enjoyed by developed nations in undeveloped regions, fighter jets can often be modified to add strike capability in a manner less practicable in earlier generations, e.g. Strike Eagle.

Airstrikes can be carried out for strategic purposes outside of general warfare.

Such an example of the preventive strike has created new questions for international law.

Airstrikes, including airstrikes by drones, were extensively used during Gulf War, War on Terror, War in Afghanistan, Iraq War, First Libyan Civil War, Syrian Civil War, Iraqi Civil War (2014-present) and Yemeni Civil War (2015-present)

On November 1, 1911, Italian aviator Second Lieutenant Giulio Gavotti dropped four bombs on two Turkish-held bases in Libya. carrying out the world’s first air strike as part of the Italo-Turkish War

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