Video of B-2 Bomber Destroying an Airfield with 80 Bombs

B-2 Bomber Destroying an Airfield with 80 Bombs

A few years ago, the Air Force ran one test of the B-2 with the 500-pound JDAM.

B-2 Bomber was loaded with 80 inert versions of the GBU-38 and was sent to hit a simulated airfield in Utah.

In addition to two runways, there were other targets simulated, including an SA-6 “Gainful” missile site, an SS-1 Scud launch site, an aircraft revetment, a hangar, and the other accouterments that one finds around an airfield. Think of it as a stealthy version of an ArcLight.


A video of the test not only shows the number of bombs a B-2 can carry, but it also shows just how accurate JDAMs are.

Note, the runways are also thoroughly cratered, meaning any planes that survived the pass of the first B-2, will be kept at the field until the next strike arrives.

In addition, B-2 is capable of dropping precision-guided weapons, namely the Joint Direct Attack Munition.

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Furthermore, America only has 20 B-2 Spirit bombers available, per an Air Force fact sheet.

The GBU-31 is a 2,000-pound bomb, with the smaller GBU-38 packing a 500-pound warhead. Either can use Global Positioning System guidance to hit within about 35 feet of a target. Let’s just say your day won’t go well after that, nor will you have any chance of future improvement.

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