Video of Two fighter jet Mid-air collision into each other

In the below video, you can see an F-15 fighter jet crashed into probably another (F-15 or f-16 fighter jet)

The credibility of the video is under question. some people claim that this video is fake. According to them its a combination of two separate Fighter jet crash incident

The video below is claimed to be a real and  unaltered version of the “F-15 Mid-Air Collision”

Although in past Mid-Air collision involving Fighter jets have happened

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Following are the incidents when fighter jets  collided with each other

Two F-15s collide in midair near the Florida coast

Two single-seat F-15C Eagles crashed into each other in the Florida Panhandle, about 35 miles south of Tyndall Air Force Base

The planes crashed during a training exercise “emphasizing basic maneuvers and tactics,”

In that incident 1st Lt. Ali Jivanjee died  and another pilot suffered minor injuries

The cause of the crash was the result of pilot error and was not related to the structural flaws that have been found in other aging F-15s,

F-16 and F-15 Mid-air collision during the Red Flag-Alaska

The accident occurred during the Red Flag-Alaska exercise during June 2007,  neither pilot was injured in the incident.

The report released by the Air Combat Commands, Accident Investigation Board on November 30th stated Major Jason Costello from 71st Fighter Squadron based a Langley Air Force Base, was so focused on pursuing his targets that he did not realize he had crossed into the airspace occupied by the F-16 flown by Major Brett Paola of the 64th Aggressor Squadron, based out of Nellis Air Force Base.

Costello did not see the F-16. Maj. Paola did not see the F-15 till it was some 3,000 feet away.

This gave him just enough time to bank right. Costello hit the F-16 at approximately 600 mph, while Paola was doing approximately 445 mph.

The impact caused the F-15 to become uncontrollable, resulting in Costello ejecting at 26,000 feet and landing in the woods in Pacific Alaska Range Complex.

Local National Guard rescued the down airman. Paola, on the other hand, returned to Eielson Air Force base with damage to his left-wing, stabilizer, and tail fin.

1983 Negev mid-air collision

In May 1983, two Israeli Air Force aircraft, an F-15 Eagle and an A-4 Skyhawk collided in mid-air during a training exercise over the Negev region, in Israel.

Notably, the F-15 managed to land safely at a nearby airbase, despite having it’s right-wing almost completely sheared off in the collision.

The lifting body properties of the F-15, together with its overabundant engine thrust, allowed the pilot to achieve this unique feat

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