Watch: USAF F-35 demonstration team perform some never-before-seen maneuvers

Watch: USAF F-35 demonstration team perform some never-before-seen maneuvers

Air Force’s official announcement of the new F-35A Lighting II Demonstration Team on December 4, 2018, demo pilot Capt. Andrew Olson, callsign “Dojo”, was captured in the video during what may be a partial practice session or a quick flyover at Luke AFB near Phoenix, Arizona.

If anyone was wondering what this new demonstration team would bring to the table, it seems clear now — with some acrobatic stunts the public has never seen out of an F-35 shown clearly in the videos.

Amazing Videos of F-35 Shows its Insane Capabilities – Vertical Takeoff/Landing & Maneuverability

Four clips appeared on Instagram on Thursday, January 10, 2019 and quickly collected over a thousand views. They were first posted by Instagram user user @theromanticjaguar and then reposted by @andyo_dojo, demo pilot Capt. Olson on Instagram

The first video shows a remarkable sequence of maneuvers not previously seen at U.S. F-35A demonstrations where aerobatics were restricted. The first fully aerobatic F-35A demo was flown at the Paris Air Show in 2017 by Lockheed test pilot Billie Flynn.

In the video, Dojo takes the aircraft straight up, before executing an extremely tight loop, pulling off the throttle and spinning the fighter a full 360 degrees with all but no forward airspeed.

In this clip, Capt. Andrew “Dojo” Olson approaches from the left, executes a pitch-up to the vertical with the first corner of a square loop to the inverted. Then it gets really good. Capt. Olson pulls back hard on the sidestick while inverted, backing off power and executing a quite tight loop. Once back to level flight, the F-35A begins a descending flat spiral at almost zero forward airspeeds. There is about one full 360° flat spin as Dojo repositions to exit show right.

Then, the remaining videos include a high AOA (Angle Of Attack), slow speed pass and a few vertical maneuvers as well as what seems to be a leaf of a cloverleaf maneuver.

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